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About Us

I remember the first time I saw a resurfaced cabinet. I looked at my friend Jeff and said, “did you get new cabinets?” He said, “No, these are the old ones.” I couldn’t believe it. I had to learn how to do that. It became an obsession. After months of training, I learned every detail of the process. I created a company that would give the same feeling that I got the day I saw my friend’s cabinets. You need to do this…It’s awesome!

White Cabinets - Resurface Cabinets Oak Ridge

We are different because we care. We take personal pride in not only giving you a quality product but also, making you happy every step of the way.

We Are Different

Brown Cabinets - Resurface Cabinets Oak Ridge

Planning & Design

Resurface Cabinets Oak Ridge will help you plan out the design so that you can get what you desire and rest assured that you are in good hands.


Construction on a resurface will be less intrusive than a full replace. Allow us to give you that new kitchen without all of the dust.

Project Delivery

Our goal is to deliver in a timeframe that keeps you cooking in your own kitchen.