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What we do at Resurface Cabinets Oak Ridge

Resurface Cabinets Oak Ridge will make your existing cabinets look new or provide you with brand new cabinets.

Brown Cabinet with Facade - Resurface Cabinets Oak Ridge
Cabinets Resurfaced in a Rich Wood Facade

Resurface Cabinets Oak Ridge Is Your #1 Tennessee Pro For Cabinet Resurfacing

Your cabinets no longer need to look drab and outdated. Refresh them with a resurface. It’s a quality remodel at a reasonable cost.

White Cabinet that has been resurfaced - Resurface Cabinets Oak Ridge

Resurfacing a cabinet is a good alternative to replacing a cabinet. You can give an old cabinet a fresh new look by simply putting a beautiful veneer on top of cabinets that need a little love.


Planning & Design

In this stage of the process, you can expect to choose from a number of colors and styles. Our pros will help you to match your color scheme.



The construction portion of a resurface is much less intrusive than a full replace. You can stay home and eat dinner in your own home with a resurface whereas in a full replace, your dishes will need to find a temporary new home.


Project Delivery

Our professional installers will give you a quality product in a short amount of time. We take pride in giving your home that wow factor. Wait until you see the look on your friends faces when you resurface your cabinets.

Our Services

Our pros can beautify your home in other ways than just resurfacing your cabinets.

Our Specialty-Cabinet Resurface

A cabinet resurface its good for those looking to keep their existing cabinets. You know that those cabinet boxes are still good and those old birch doors would be worth a small fortune if you bought them today. Why wouldn’t you just reuse them and put a quality veneer right on top giving them a fresh new look that can be enjoyed for years to come?

It seems like such a big decision. I know. Look at your cabinets. You have been thinking about it for a while now. Its time. Call now for a free estimate.


CEO – Resurface Cabinets Oak Ridge

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